Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Right to Information Act - RTI

After listening form lot pals and news paper, finally I made up my mind to file RTI application in Delhi MCD office. So before taking any steps I started digging on internet about RTI, I went through the RTI website and found that website is not working,!

It is really very strange that the RTI department itself not functioning properly then how can we expect they will provide essential information from crocodile bureaucrats and all lazy government department, at one point everybody would be agree with me that you cannot separate the government form its department, so forget to get real truth from any government department very easily. But yes I will not lose my hope to get information from MCD office. My question is "what is the functionality of working in any particular area, Is there different criteria to work properly in some specific area?" Because I have been watching since last year that our drainage system is not functioning and no local authority taking care of it.
So let’s see
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