Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kolavari Di- by Neevan Nigam

Now see the video of new youtube sensation and video has been winning hearts ever since it went online. this time Sonu Nigam’s son Neevan and great thing is, it praised by Tamil star Dhanush's the original singer of 'Kolaveri Di', he is highly impressed with the version sung by Sonu Niigaam's four-year-old son, Neevan.
Tweeted @dhanushkraja 'Oh my god I'm in love with Nevaan's version of 'Kolaveri'. Great idea Sonu Niigaamji. It's very touching and endearing. Hi 5 nevaan. God bless,'
Neevan's version of the song is mixed with different lyrics and his innocence I, If Dhanush's song was called 'Soup Song', Neevan calls his version 'Milk Song'.This new song of 'Kolaveri di' has received over 5 million hits on YouTube so far since its release Dec 4.


Nikhil Bhasin said...

Better and bigger hit than Kolaveri Di.... This is called "Uncle Di"


Unknown said...

Awesome song, thanks a lot for share with us.No addiction
No addiction